West Coast: New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research

Research, Analysis and Strategy

The New Zealand Institute for Minerals to Materials Research (NZIMMR) received funding through MBIE’s Regional Research Institutes initiative and explores innovative research and manufacturing techniques to convert minerals into higher-value products.

Operational from March 2018, the institute was tasked initially with exploring three research areas: purifying rare earth elements for use in magnets and lasers, extracting tungsten from gold mining waste, and developing a carbon foam pilot plant – all with significant potential for job, infrastructure and export development.

Our initial engagement in 2018 was to join forces with CRL Energy to produce a ‘Fact Book’ that provides both a commercial and technical view of each of the three research areas and assesses New Zealand’s competitive position.

We undertook research, analysis and in-depth interviews with key industry stakeholders. We project managed the programme, including the elements delivered by CRL Energy, and were responsible for quality assurance. We employed our in-house written, design and presentation expertise to produce the complex material suitable for its audience in industry and government.

We have facilitated two strategy sessions with the board and senior management and developed the institute’s resulting strategy document. We have also assisted the institute with the development of key policies


  • The Fact Book aims to facilitate understanding of the market opportunities for carbon foam, tungsten and rare earth elements. It was used as a key input in developing the institute’s strategy

  • The Medium Term Strategy document details the institute’s vision, approach, project prioritisation process and key focus areas. Development of procurement and communications policies.


  • Analysis – extensive research and in-depth stakeholder interviews within mining industry

  • Strategy – supporting early strategy development and policy development

  • Communications – helping draw complex commercial and technical material into a cohesive tool for industry, development of media reponse toolkit

  • Facilitation – facilitating strategy workshops with the Board and senior management

  • Collaboration – with CRL Energy and other industry experts to gather background information to support the strategy development process

  • Design: desktop e-publishing