Krystal Guppy

Krystal is an experienced communications professional who understands how to meaningfully connect with stakeholders in times of opportunity and difficulty.

Krystal specialises in developing and delivering programmes for organisations and sector groups of all shapes and sizes. Her strength is her collaborative and tailored approach to working with her clients and their stakeholders to understand their needs and how to deliver to them.

Krystal’s portfolio includes programme development, management and includes communications-inspired strategy and implementation programmes across written, web/digital, visual/design and face-to-face platforms. She has been at the coal-face of crisis, working alongside clients to overcome complex challenges. Her problem solving skills allow her to meet pressured timeframes in unpredictable environments without compromising quality. You can trust Krystal to get the job done.

Key skills:

  • Stakeholder strategy, facilitation and engagement - Krystal has a fine-tuned ability to see the world through the lens of the message receiver.

  • Project management and implementation - presenting a unique combination of a creative and an analytical approach, Krystal delivers programmes from end-to-end with a keen eye for detail and design flair.

  • Internal and external communications - an extensive understanding of communications strategy and delivery built through eight years working at PR firm Network Communications followed by her five years as a Partner at HenleyHutchings - including public relations initiatives, brand values development and brand management, marketing, media management, event management, crisis communications and the creation and deployment of design materials.

  • Digital/design management - the interface between clients and web or design development teams providing project management services, concept development and management, digital content writing, social media content development and online engagement advice.

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Contact Krystal

MOB: 027 579 7005
DDI: 04 979 8479
E: krystal(at)

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