Taranaki: Tapuae Roa

Regional Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan

The four local authorities in the Taranaki region sought a new regional economic development strategy, action plan and investment strategy to help prioritise economic development investment and resources. HenleyHutchings partnered with MartinJenkins to deliver a whole-of-region Strategy and Action Plan.

Our task was to identify economic development investment opportunities focused on assisting industry and the community to overcome income volatility and over reliance on the oil, gas and dairy industries, while also capitalising on the region’s advantages: its natural resources, growing Māori participation in the economy, the Port and others.

Our primary role was stakeholder engagement, project management and qualitative data analysis.

Our facilitation and collaboration skills helped streamline a multi-agency and stakeholder approach to developing the strategy document and then the Action Plan. To generate detailed plans, eight action teams were established. Three teams focused on the transformation of the traditional sectors - energy, food and the visitor sector. An additional four action teams examined the development of enablers: talent, enterprise and innovation; accessibility and connectivity; vibrancy and liveability; and investment. The eighth team was dedicated to focusing on the Māori economy.

The resulting report, Tapuae Roa, Make Way for Taranaki, recommends a detailed action programme with supporting investment in all eight areas.

Our work in Taranaki continues. We have just completed the feasibility and investment proposition to develop the ‘Taranaki Crossing experience’ as a component of visitor sector development.



  • Analysis – input from economic data and extensive stakeholder interviews

  • Strategy – defining opportunities and enablers

  • Facilitation - with business, local iwi, local and central government and other key stakeholders

  • Collaboration – with local iwi, relevant local and national agencies