What we do

We provide the following services at different stages of the planning cycle.  You may choose to engage us for one or all of the stages, depending on your needs:


  • Diagnostic reports
  • Strategic plan development                

Action plan:

  • Operational plan development
  • Setting of key performance metrics


  • Sourcing of funding

  • Institutional arrangements

  • Project governance/management

  • Communications

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Issues management


  • Performance against objectives
  • Review of strategic direction.
    HH Services diagram

    We can help you to:

    • Check: you’re on the right path, or
    • Forge: a new one.
    • Bring: important stakeholders with you.
    • Understand: other options available to you.
    • Build: an arrangement that works, and
    • Fund: a successful pathway to achieve your goals. 

    Analysing data
    Engaging with stakeholders
    Making change happen

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    Specific projects or issues

    We appreciate that sometimes you will just need to engage us for a specific project or issue.  If that’s the case, you can simply pick and mix from our menu of services:

    Diagnostic Reports

    May include:

    • Economic analysis
    • Review of existing strategy
    • Interviews with key stakeholders
    • Focus groups
    • Review of institutional arrangements

    Strategy Development

    • Establishing appropriate governance arrangements
    • Vision development
    • Identifying areas of competitive advantage

    Action Plan Development

    • Key areas of focus
    • Prioritised action plans for each area of focus
    • Investment level required
    • Outcome measures

    Sourcing of Funding

    • Identifying possible sources of central government or other funding (e.g. trusts, private business)
    • Preparing the application(s)
    • Providing support in navigating the application process

    Institutional Arrangements

    • Reviewing the remit of current agencies
    • Reviewing alternative arrangements and providing feedback on how they are working
    • Seeking the views of key stakeholders – political, staff, external
    • Establishing what roles and skills are required
    • Establishing what management and governance arrangements are appropriate

    Project governance and management

    • Establishing and managing projects
    • Drawing up/reviewing project charters confirming:
      • Scope/deliverables
      • Project team
      • Budget
      • Timeline 
      • Success measures
    • Developing communication and engagement plans
    • Establishing governance arrangements
    • Establishing reporting formats and collateral

    Workshop facilitation

    • Board level
    • Executive team
    • Stakeholders

    May be:

    • Strategy related
    • Issue related

    Stakeholder engagement

    • Development and implementation of strategy

    PR and communications

    • Development of strategic communications plans
    • Media strategy
    • Media engagement

    Branding and marketing

    • Strategy development
    • Website development

    Issue management and resolution

    • Mediation
    • Workshops
    • One-on-one engagement
    • Media strategy