QEII National Trust: Future opportunities

Research and Opportunities Report

QEII National Trust’s mission is to protect special places on private land for the benefit of present and future generations.

DOC and the board of QEII asked HenleyHutchings to assess future opportunities for QEII to contribute to enhancing conservation outcomes on private land. Working closely with the Advisory Group, we project managed a specialist team to develop our advice, using a highly collaborative process.

We began with a situational analysis, integrating a wide range of internal and external data. We interviewed twenty-four stakeholder groups and individuals, as well as facilitating workshops with selected landowners and officials from DOC, LINZ, MFE, MPI and regional authorities. We developed an analysis framework which we used to assess each of the opportunities identified.

As a result of our in-depth process, we produced a comprehensive report that defined QEII’s unique space, described ways to enhance strategic partnerships, outlined contributions QEII may make to become extend its core functions and identified potential revenue streams.


  • A report that identifies and assesses a prioritised list of the key opportunities for QEII to grow its contribution towards the reversal in the decline in indigenous biodiversity and the achievement of associated conservation outcomes.


  • Analysis – input from economic data and extensive stakeholder interviews, design of specific tools and techniques to draw conclusions

  • Strategy – defining opportunities and enablers

  • Facilitation – workshops with diverse interest groups to define opportunities

  • Collaboration – extensive collaborative approach to achieve consensus with diverse interest group