The HenleyHutchings Approach

We help people to solve issues and plan for the future.

Working successfully together relies upon open lines of communication, a clear and shared vision, flexibility, diversity, and commitment. We pride ourselves on building both our working relationships and the relationships of our clients with their stakeholders, based on mutual trust and confidence. We take time to understand the dynamics of the environment that our clients are working in and to understand different perspectives.

Simplifying complexity

Gaining multi-stakeholder input and using strategic communication skills, research and analysis.

Unlocking gridlock

Build alignment and alliances between conflicting parties through facilitation and collaboration.

Creating roadmaps for change

Designing future-proofed institutional arrangements, re-framing the real issues, challenges and solutions to foster understanding.

Finding sources of funding for growth

Business cases, developing alternative funding structures, supporting Provincial Growth Fund full-cycle funding processes and urban planning initiatives.

Generating understanding and alliance through communications

Designing and managing programmes to provoke mind-set change and stakeholder engagement including internal and external messaging, management of brand propositions and design elements. crisis and issues management.

Navigating between the regions and Central Government

Providing sound data, concise report writing, understanding regulatory and funding frameworks and narrating the key outcomes for all parties.