Strategic Planning and Change Management

Otago Regional Council recognised the need for a renewed strategic direction and expertise to support large-scale change from within, whilst dealing with external issues such as environmental pressures and legislative change.

HenleyHutchings was engaged to provide advice to the Council through a period that saw the appointment of a new chief executive, a restructure of the management team, new council members following elections and the successful introduction of the new water regulation Plan Change 6A.

Our engagement required perceptive and thoughtful facilitation, sensitive communications and a deep understanding of the current environment in which regional councils work.

We facilitated workshops with councillors and senior management to refocus the Council’s priorities and developed the internal and external messaging, including communication with stakeholders and media.

We set out the revised strategy in a publication called ‘For our Future’. This was launched for public consultation, following which the content and community feedback fed into the Long Term Plan and the Regional Policy Statement.


  • A new, unified leadership team, with a shared strategy supported by an informed community

  • A strategy document that could be used as a basis for consultation on long-term planning


  • Facilitation – creating unity in a new leadership team

  • Strategy – refocusing of approach in order to address external pressures and identify new opportunities.

  • Communications – support for public consultation, internal and external key messaging and media engagement