Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan


HenleyHutchings facilitated the development of the Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan, setting a new vision for the Wairarapa. This was created through a partnership between the three local Councils (Carterton, Masterton and South Wairarapa) and the Greater Wellington Regional Council who funded the project. Through a combination of economic data analysis, Steering Group and Action Team workshops and stakeholder interviews, HenleyHutchings was able to ‘tune into high and low frequency signals’ that indicated areas for opportunity and development, sometimes in unanticipated areas. From this high-level viewpoint, HenleyHutchings was able to gain consensus on a strategy that identified three sector focuses, three people focuses and three infrastructure focuses. The outcome is a plan that brings the next 20-30 years into focus and details actions needed to ensure prosperity for the residents and businesses of the Wairapapa.

The Plan is complementary to the Wellington Regional Investment Plan, which HenleyHutchings is also supporting (see separate case study).

Work to produce the Plan was governed by a Steering Group, comprising senior representatives of each of the local authorities, the Regional Council and Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA). The Steering Group was chaired by Steve Maharey.

Read the Wairarapa Economic Development Strategy and Action Plan.