Wellington Region

River control and flood management

In 1989, the Government withdrew its funding support for river control and flood protection schemes.  Climate change, environmental outcomes, iwi aspirations, the increasing likelihood of infrastructure failure and the consequences of this failure, along with the inequitable funding base, make the need to revisit this Government decision a matter of high priority.

The national River Managers' Special Interest Group (SIG) has put this issue back on the table. Funding to maintain or upgrade river control and flood management currently falls entirely on local and regional ratepayers, yet government services and other parts of national infrastructure are critically reliant on the effective protection provided by these schemes.

HenleyHutchings has brought together BERL and Lawz Consulting Limited to work with the SIG (through Greater Wellington Regional Council) to prepare a case to central government for co-investment in the cost of building and maintaining the relevant assets to ensure they are fit for the future – particularly given the increased frequency of climate change-induced super storm events.