Expanding agriculture within environmental limits


Irrigation plays an important role in the agricultural sector. HenleyHutchings has extensive experience in how to derive wealth creation from irrigation, whilst also managing resources sustainably.  It is not without its challenges, as a quick review of the national scene would testify.

HenleyHutchings has ongoing engagement with the development of irrigation schemes, particularly in Canterbury and Otago. Geoff Henley has worked with the North Otago Irrigation Company, Waitaki Irrigation Collective and the Manuherikia Irrigation Scheme. He has provided advice to each of these developed and developing irrigation schemes on strategy, particularly as it relates to the engagement of farmers.

More recently, Geoff has been involved with the Hawke’s Bay-based Ruataniwha Scheme. John Hutchings also undertook a review of irrigation potential in the Rangitikei as part of the Accelerate25 regional development Action Plan in the Horizons region.