Jessica Garland

Jessica is skilled at creating valuable strategic partnerships.

Jessica affects change through strategic communication and creates powerful relationships through facilitation, collaboration and advocacy.

Jessica spent six years facilitating global client engagement programmes at Deutsche Bank in London. Through sustained communications and advocacy, Jessica fostered corporate partnerships and private investment in culture for Arts & Business in the UK. While at Wellington City Council, she supported destination marketing and community engagement by producing city-wide events and cultural festivals. Jessica began her career in public relations at Network PR.

Key practice areas:

  • Facilitation and collaboration – developing co-designed initiatives that gain broad consensus

  • Communication and advocacy – telling powerful narratives with authenticity and purpose

  • Stakeholder engagement – creating genuine opportunities for deep engagement

  • Partnership building and management – making the whole stronger than its parts

  • Programme management and implementation – ensuring quality in both process and outcome.

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Contact Jessica

MOB: 020 4162 9185

DDI: 04 213 9080

E: jessica(at)

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