Collaborative planning

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Taranaki is blessed with a combination of mountain and sea, in close proximity to a city, giving the region a unique, dramatic and attractive landscape.

HenleyHutchings worked with Ray Salter to define current outdoor nature-based recreational opportunities in this area. Our task was to investigate what additional opportunities could be developed. This required us to explore how closer integration, leadership and alignment between interested parties in North Taranaki could achieve more rapid implementation of projects which provided more outdoor recreation choice to visitors and residents alike. 

Our report examined the comparative merits of just under thirty new Taranaki outdoor recreational opportunities. These opportunities were assessed in terms of their potential for contributing to economic growth and the attractiveness, pride and sense of identity felt by residents of the region.

In order to compile this report, a project leadership team was formed. Desktop research including the assessment of existing reports was conducted. We recommended focus areas for development and identified the essential supplementary actions, such as marketing, that would be required to achieve success for these projects.  We also recommended that local and regional council leaders, together with those from DOC and Venture Taranaki, offer the projects listed in this report to all parties for possible investment.