Primary industry

Engaging with Stakeholders

HenleyHutchings works with several organisations associated with the Fertiliser industry including the Fertiliser Association, the Nutrient Management Adviser Certification Programme (NMACP) and OVERSEER®.

With the Fertiliser Association, Henley Hutchings has an active management role in industry strategy and communications – from producing strategic plans and action plans through to promotional and media materials. HenleyHutchings Partners Krystal Guppy and Geoff Henley manage the quarterly industry newsletter and remain on-call for issues and media management.

Krystal also generates communications resources for the NMACP, working with the board and management. The programme is already experiencing promising growth and recognition for the relatively short period of time that it has been operating and is in the process of developing a new wave of engagement activity.

HenleyHutchings has also worked with OVERSEER® over an extended period. OVERSEER® Limited manages and develops the nutrient management tool of the same name. OVERSEER® is owned by the Fertiliser Association, MPI and AgResearch. Work has included the redesign of OVERSEER’s ownership and governance, and at a more operational level, work on developing their guidebook for nutrient management advisers, updated every time a new version of the OVERSEER® software is released. HenleyHutchings coordinates the update and proofing of the design document for the guidebook – referred to as the Best Practice Data Input Standards – and see it through to electronic production.