Connecting with members

The New Zealand Institute of Architects, the professional association of architects, recognises the importance of remaining connected to their membership base. They must communicate and advocate on behalf of their industry, so it is important that they are perceived by members as having their finger on the pulse and ‘doing the right things’.

As part of a work programme, HenleyHutchings' partner, Geoff Henley, conducted an internal audit with members to establish how the organisation is perceived and to provide feedback and recommendations to the management team and board. This programme included interviewing over 100 stakeholders of the organisation. Our experienced team gained critical insight; as a party not directly involved in the organisation we could facilitate a confidential and frank discussion with each interviewee.

The outcome was a comprehensive report which provided valuable insight into perceptions of the organisation – the areas where they were tracking well, and some where they could improve. This report is a milestone document being used by the management team to generate an informed and robust strategic plan for the successful future of the organisation.