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New Zealand Aged Care Association: "Who Cares?"

The New Zealand Aged Care Association is a sector at the forefront of the challenges of ageing in our society.  As providers of residential care they deal with people at their most vulnerable. We have worked with the Association for over a decade on their industry strategy and direction.

At every General Election since 2005 we have managed for them a government lobbying campaign. This campaign has been successful in raising the awareness in the Government of the day of the resources required to provide service to the rapidly increasing aged population.

The core of this campaign is to encourage people to “vote for the party that cares” – being the political party(ies) who support the chosen campaign issue which is always about availability of care. The strong handle “Who Cares” has been used every campaign and promoted publicly.

Each election, the approach and a fresh creative angle is generated based around one core issue within the aged care sector. Other issues are also communicated, but for clarity and strength of impact one lead issue is always selected. A full public and stakeholder engagement campaign using online, physical and email communication is delivered at the appropriate levels and times for the campaign subject matter.